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Take Action

New regulations could put affordable power out of reach. Join the fight for a common sense solution.

Access to affordable electricity is critical for every American. And Cotton Electric Cooperative works hard to make sure you can afford your power. 

But, the Environmental Protection Agency has new plans that will limit resources options and make the cost of power more expensive. We believe EPA can protect the environment and balance the needs of everyday Americans. However, unless the government hears from people like us, it will continue to move forward with these burdensome regulations.

Electric co-ops have invested billions to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency and generate renewable electricity. We need your help to Tell EPA to work with us on practical solutions. Join us today!


And don’t forget we need everyone’s help. Contact 5 friends and ask them to join you. At ACTION.COOP they can learn more about why EPA’s approach is out of balance and tell the EPA that every American deserves access to affordable electricity.


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