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Project in Wichita Mountain Estates

Cotton Electric has begun a project designed to improve service in the Wichita Mountain Estates area. Members may have noticed stakes and flags marking spots in the neighborhood.

Services in the area were installed in the early 1970s. Replacing the 40-year-old conductor and equipment will improve the quality of your power service. We will replace existing underground utilities with updated conductors, transformers and other equipment.

To better serve the area, we plan to change the configuration of the service; things will look different. This will include removing existing transformers, replacing them with smaller pedestals, and underground conductor replacement. The new configuration will result in better service at a lower cost to the membership and a smaller equipment footprint.

To replace the conductor, contractors working on behalf of Cotton Electric will bore laterally, resulting in minimal disturbance of your property. During the construction phase, there will be occasional individual outages. Outage time will be as short as possible.

We hope to have this project completed as quickly as weather permits. If you have any questions, please call us at 580-875-3351 or 800-522-3520.